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Tom’s concentration. Dougie’s smile. Danny laugh. Harry’s hair. 

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Ok so this is one of my first posts on my new blog that myfriend Abi ( myownlittlemind.tumblr.com ) kindly gave to me. Basically if you like anything to do with Harry Potter, YouTube, Mcfly or anything British really, you can pop along to my tumblr and take a look around <3
And if you are awesome enough to follow, I shall conclude you as amazeballs and follow you back ASAP ;)Love yous!
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If I were to jump this is how I would do it, I wouldn’t stand on the edge waiting for someone to notice and pretend to care. Just run, and jump.

i can’t stop looking at this.

The Most Creative Title Your Ass Has Ever Crossed: Every Now & Never: Chapter 1


Every now and then, you meet someone who is intelligent. Sometimes, you walk down the street and catch a glimpse of someone who is gorgeous. If you’ve read enough novels, you sometimes meet the real-life version of a fictional character.If you’ve fallen down enough times, you will meet someone…

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danny in 2012.

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The McFly Show

this is exactly what i was looking for .  LOOK HOW HOT DOUGIE IS OMGH A CANT BRETHJ HOTTNES

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        The guys talking about Danny on The McFly Show

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